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Meet the Team

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Meet Jeff

In 2008, co-founder Jeff Shugarts made the move to Ohio from his home state of Texas to play football for Ohio State University. On the field he met Short North Trolley co-founder Jon Lorenz; off the field he developed a special affinity for Columbus. Three years in the NFL and one Master’s degree from the University of Toledo later, Jeff decided to invest his experiential savvy back into Columbus. It’s safe to say that Jeff contributes his brains and brawn to the greatest success of Short North Trolley operations: showing guests a good time.

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Meet Tom

Co-founder Tom OBrien is the brains behind our recipe for success: a dash of novelty, a spoonful* of safety, and plenty of fun. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Tom's passion for expansion and ability to craft community experiences led him to launch OBrien Company; a Columbus business collective for local entrepreneurs. From that, Short North Trolley was conceptualized and the rest is wheel-turning history.



*A heaping spoonful

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Meet Jon

Jon Lorenz is a proud OSU alum and purposeful entrepreneur from Dublin, Ohio. Co-founding Short North Trolley was aligned with Jon's personal mission: to be a part of, and celebrate, Columbus' socio-economic growth by connecting local people and businesses.  A fitness enthusiast with a foodie lean, Jon is always looking for a new local adventure. Along with co-founder Tom OBrien, Jon recently launched StudioTorch, Columbus' very own premier HIIT affair.

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We can't wait to be your ride.



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